End-of-Life (EoL)
You can use Panorama to centrally manage licenses, software updates, and content updates on firewalls and Dedicated Log Collectors (M-Series appliances in Log Collector mode). When you deploy licenses or updates, Panorama checks in with the Palo Alto Networks licensing server or update server, verifies the request validity, and then allows retrieval and installation of the license or update. This capability facilitates deployment by eliminating the need to repeat the same tasks on each firewall or Dedicated Log Collector. It is particularly useful for managing firewalls that don’t have direct internet access or for managing Dedicated Log Collectors, which don’t have a web interface.
Before deploying updates, see Panorama, Log Collector, and Firewall Version Compatibility for important details about update version compatibility. You must activate a support subscription directly on each firewall; you cannot use Panorama to deploy support subscriptions. To activate licenses or install updates on the Panorama management server, see Register Panorama and Install Licenses and Install Content and Software Updates for Panorama.

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