End-of-Life (EoL)
A Collector Group is 1 to 16 Log Collectors that operate as a single logical unit for collecting firewall logs. You can configure a Collector Group with multiple Log Collectors to ensure log redundancy or to accommodate logging rates that exceed the capacity of a single Log Collector (see Panorama Platforms). To understand the risks and recommended mitigations, see Caveats for a Collector Group with Multiple Log Collectors.
The M-Series appliance in Panorama mode (Panorama management server) has a predefined (default) local Collector Group that contains a predefined local Log Collector. However, switching to Log Collector mode would remove the local Log Collector and Collector Group; you would have to Set up the M-Series Appliance as a Log Collector, add it as a managed collector to the Panorama management server, and configure a Collector Group to contain the managed collector.
If you delete a Collector Group, you will lose logs. Palo Alto Networks recommends retaining a local Log Collector and local Collector Group on the M-Series appliance in Panorama mode, regardless of whether it manages Dedicated Log Collectors.

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