End-of-Life (EoL)
To test that your HA configuration works properly, trigger a manual failover and verify that the peer transitions states successfully.
Test Panorama HA Failover
Log in to the active Panorama peer. You can verify the state of the Panorama server in the bottom right corner of the web interface.
Suspend the active Panorama peer. Select Panorama > High Availability, and then click the Suspend local Panorama link in the Operational Commands section.
Verify that the passive Panorama peer has taken over as active. On the Panorama Dashboard, High Availability widget, verify that the state of the Local passive server is active and the state of the Peer is suspended.
Restore the suspended peer to a functional state. Wait for a couple minutes, and then verify that preemption has occurred, if preemptive is enabled. On the Panorama you previously suspended: Select Panorama > High Availability and, in the Operational Commands section, click Make local Panorama functional. In the High Availability widget on the Dashboard, confirm that this (Local) Panorama has taken over as the active peer and that the other peer is now in a passive state.

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