End-of-Life (EoL)
The following task list summarizes the steps to get started with Panorama. For an example of how to use Panorama for central management, see Use Case: Configure Firewalls Using Panorama.
Deploy Panorama: Task Overview
( M-Series appliance only ) Rack mount the appliance.
Perform initial configuration to enable network access to Panorama. See Set Up the Panorama Virtual Appliance or Set Up the M-Series Appliance.
Register Panorama and Install Licenses.
Install Content and Software Updates for Panorama.
( Optional/recommended ) Set up Panorama in a high availability configuration. See Panorama High Availability.
Add a Firewall as a Managed Device.
Add a Device Group or Create a Device Group Hierarchy, Add a Template, and (if applicable) Configure a Template Stack.
( Optional ) Configure log forwarding to Panorama and/or to external services. See Manage Log Collection.
Monitor Network Activity using the visibility and reporting tools on Panorama.

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