Change the URL Filtering Vendor on HA Panorama

In a high availability (HA) deployment, each Panorama peer must be in a non-functional state when you change the URL filtering vendor. Therefore, to avoid disrupting Panorama operations, change the URL filtering vendor on the passive Panorama (Panorama2 in this example) and then trigger failover before changing the vendor on the active Panorama (Panorama1 in this example).
  1. Change the URL filtering vendor on each Panorama HA peer.
    Complete this task on Panorama2 (passive peer) before Panorama1 (active peer).
    1. Log in to the Panorama web interface.
    2. Select PanoramaHigh Availability and Suspend local Panorama.
      When you perform this step on Panorama1, failover occurs and Panorama2 becomes active.
    3. Select PanoramaSetupManagement and edit the General Settings.
    4. Select the URL Filtering Database vendor: paloaltonetworks (PAN-DB) or brightcloud.
    5. Select PanoramaHigh Availability and Make local Panorama functional.
      When you perform this step on Panorama1 with preemption enabled on both HA peers, Panorama1 automatically reverts to active status and Panorama2 reverts to passive status.
  2. Verify that the URL categories are available for referencing in policies.
    1. Select ObjectsSecurity ProfilesURL Filtering.
    2. Click Add and verify that the Categories tab of the URL Filtering profile dialog displays the URL categories associated with the selected vendor.

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