Migrate Panorama and non-HA Firewalls from BrightCloud to PAN-DB

Perform this procedure to migrate the URL filtering vendor from BrightCloud to PAN-DB on Panorama and firewalls when the firewalls are not deployed in a high availability (HA) configuration. The migration automatically maps BrightCloud URL categories to PAN-DB URL categories.
  1. Determine which firewalls require new PAN-DB URL filtering licenses.
    1. Log in to Panorama and select PanoramaDevice DeploymentLicenses.
    2. Check the URL column to determine which firewalls have PAN-DB licenses and whether the licenses are valid or expired.
      A firewall can have valid licenses for both BrightCloud and PAN-DB, but only one license can be active.
      If you’re not sure whether a PAN-DB URL filtering license is active, access the firewall web interface, select DeviceLicenses, and verify that the Active field displays Yes in the PAN-DB URL Filtering section.
    3. Purchase new licenses for the firewalls that don’t have valid PAN-DB licenses.
      Palo Alto Networks sends an email containing activation codes for the licenses you purchase. If you can’t find this email, contact Customer Support before proceeding.
  2. Change the URL filtering vendor to PAN-DB on Panorama.
    Access the Panorama web interface and perform one of the following tasks:
  3. Migrate the URL filtering vendor to PAN-DB on each firewall.
    1. Access the firewall web interface and select DeviceLicenses.
    2. In the License Management section, select Activate feature using authorization code, enter the Authorization Code, and click OK.
      Activating the PAN-DB license automatically deactivates the BrightCloud license.
    3. In the PAN-DB URL Filtering section, Download the seed file, select your region, and click OK.
    4. Commit and push your configuration changes:
      1. Access the Panorama web interface.
      2. Select CommitCommit and Push and Edit Selections in the Push Scope
      3. Select Device Groups, select the firewall, and click OK.
      4. Commit and Push your changes to the Panorama configuration and to device groups.

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