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Must Panorama and Firewalls Have Matching URL Filtering Vendors?

On any single Panorama management server or firewall, only one URL filtering vendor can be active: PAN-DB or BrightCloud. When selecting a vendor for Panorama, you must consider the vendor and PAN-OS version of the managed firewalls:
  • PAN-OS 5.0.x and earlier versions—Panorama and the firewalls require matching URL filtering vendors.
  • PAN-OS 6.0 or later versions—Panorama and the firewalls do not require matching URL filtering vendors. If a vendor mismatch is detected, the firewall maps the URL categories in the URL Filtering profiles and rules that it received from Panorama to URL categories that align with those of the vendor enabled on the firewall.
Therefore, for a deployment in which some firewalls run PAN-OS 6.0 or later and some firewalls run earlier PAN-OS versions, Panorama must use the same URL filtering vendor as the firewalls that run earlier PAN-OS versions. For example, if firewalls that run PAN-OS 5.0 use PAN-DB, and firewalls that run PAN-OS 7.0 use BrightCloud, Panorama must use PAN-DB.

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