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Schedule a Content Update Using Panorama

Panorama™ requires a direct internet connection for scheduling Supported Updates on firewalls, Log Collectors, and WildFire® appliances and appliance clusters. Otherwise, you can perform only on-demand updates. (To schedule Antivirus, WildFire, or BrightCloud URL updates for Log Collectors, the Log Collectors must be running Panorama 7.0.3 or a later release.) Each firewall, Log Collector, or WildFire appliance or appliance cluster receiving an update generates a log to indicate that the installation succeeded (a Config log) or failed (a System log). To schedule updates on the Panorama management server, see Install Updates for Panorama with an Internet Connection.
Before deploying updates, see Panorama, Log Collector, Firewall, and WildFire Version Compatibility for important details about content release version compatibility. Refer to the Release Notes for the minimum content release version you must install for a Panorama release.
Panorama can download only one update at a time for updates of the same type so if you schedule multiple updates of the same type to download during the same time interval, only the first download will succeed. To ensure that multiple updates of the same type succeed, stagger the updates.
If your firewalls connect directly to the Palo Alto Networks® Update Server, you can also use Panorama templates (
Dynamic Updates
) to push content update schedules to the firewalls. If you want to delay the installation of updates for a period after they are released, you must deploy schedules using templates. In rare instances, a content update includes errors; specifying a delay increases the likelihood that Palo Alto Networks will identify and remove such an update from the Update Server before your firewalls install it.
Perform the following steps for each update type you want to schedule.
  1. Select
    Device Deployment
    Dynamic Updates
    , click
    , and
    a schedule.
  2. Specify a
    (to identify the schedule), the update
    , and the update frequency (
    ). The frequency options depend on the update
    PAN-OS® uses the Panorama timezone for update scheduling.
    If you set the
    App and Threat
    , Log Collectors install and need only the Applications content, not the Threats content. Firewalls use both Applications and Threats content. For details, see Panorama, Log Collector, Firewall, and WildFire Version Compatibility.
    The WildFire Private (
    ) type is available only if you set the
    WildFire Private Cloud
    field (
    ) to a WildFire appliance, not to the WildFire cloud.
  3. Select one of the following schedule actions and then select the firewalls or Log Collectors:
    • Download And Install
      Best Practice
      Log Collectors
      , or
      WildFire Appliances and Clusters
    • Download Only
      —Panorama downloads the update but does not install it.
  4. Click
  5. Select
    Commit to Panorama
    and then
    your changes.

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