End-of-Life (EoL)

Remove a Firewall from a Collector Group

If you use a Panorama virtual appliance in Legacy mode to manage Dedicated Log Collectors, you have the option to forward firewall logs to Panorama instead of forwarding to the Log Collectors. For such cases, you must remove the firewall from the Collector Group; the firewall will then automatically forward its logs to Panorama.
To temporarily remove the log forwarding preference list on the firewall, you can delete it using the CLI on the firewall. You must however, remove the assigned firewalls in the Collector Group configuration on Panorama. Otherwise, the next time you push changes to the Collector Group, the firewall will be reconfigured to send logs to the assigned Log Collector.
  1. Select
    Collector Groups
    and edit the Collector Group.
  2. Select
    Device Log Forwarding
    , click the firewall in the Devices list,
    the Devices list, clear the check box of the firewall, and click
    three times.
  3. Select
    Commit and Push
    and then
    Commit and Push
    your changes to Panorama and the Collector Group from which you removed the firewall.

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