Review Data Filtering Logs

The Data Filtering log (MonitorLogsData Filtering) is another valuable source for investigating malicious network activity. While you can periodically review the logs for all the files that you are being alerted on, you can also use the logs to trace file and data transfers to or from the victim IP address or user, and verify the direction and flow of traffic: server to client or client to server. To recreate the events that preceded and followed an event, filter the logs for the victim IP address as a destination, and review the logs for network activity.
Because Panorama aggregates information from all managed firewalls, it presents a good overview of all activity in your network. Some of the other visual tools that you can use to survey traffic on your network are the Threat Map, Traffic Map, and the Threat Monitor. The threat map and traffic map (MonitorAppScopeThreat Map or Traffic Map) allow you to visualize the geographic regions for incoming and outgoing traffic. It is particularly useful for viewing unusual activity that could indicate a possible attack from outside, such as a DDoS attack. If, for example, you do not have many business transactions with Eastern Europe, and the map reveals an abnormal level of traffic to that region, click into the corresponding area of the map to launch and view the ACC information on the top applications, traffic details on the session count, bytes sent and received, top sources and destinations, users or IP addresses, and the severity of the threats detected, if any. The threat monitor (MonitorAppScopeThreat Monitor) displays the top ten threats on your network, or the list of top attackers or top victims on the network.

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