End-of-Life (EoL)

Restore the Primary Panorama to the Active State

By default, the preemptive capability on Panorama allows the primary Panorama to resume functioning as the active peer as soon as it becomes available. However, if preemption is disabled, the only way to force the primary Panorama to become active after recovering from a failure, a non-functional, or a suspended state, is by suspending the secondary Panorama peer.
Before the active-secondary Panorama goes into a suspended state, it transfers the candidate configuration to the passive Panorama so that all your uncommitted configuration changes are saved and can be accessed on the other peer.
  1. Suspend Panorama.
    1. Log in to the Panorama peer that you want to place in a suspended state.
    2. Select
      High Availability
      , and click the
      Suspend local Panorama
      link in the Operational Commands section.
  2. Verify that the status indicates that the Panorama was suspended at user request.
    On the
    High Availability
    widget, verify that the
    state is
    A failover is triggered when you suspend a peer, and the other Panorama takes over as the active peer.
  3. Restore the suspended Panorama to a functional state.
    1. In the
      High Availability
      tab, Operational Commands section, click the
      Make local Panorama functional
    2. On the
      High Availability
      widget, confirm that the Panorama has transitioned to either the active or passive state.

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