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Install Updates for Panorama in an HA Configuration

To ensure a seamless failover when you update the Panorama software in a high availability (HA) configuration, the active and passive Panorama peers must be running the same Panorama release with the same Applications database version. The following example describes how to upgrade an HA pair (active peer is Primary_A and passive peer is Secondary_B).
Panorama 8.0 requires the following minimum content release versions:
  • Applications and Threats content release version 655
  • Antivirus content release version 2137
  1. Upgrade the Panorama software on the Secondary_B (passive) peer.
    Perform one of the following tasks on the Secondary_B peer:
    After the upgrade, this Panorama transitions to a non-functional state because the peers are no longer running the same software release.
  2. Suspend the Primary_A peer to force a failover.
    On the Primary_A peer:
    1. In the
      Operational Commands
      section (
      High Availability
      Suspend local Panorama
    2. Verify that state is
      (displayed on bottom-right corner of the web interface).
      The resulting failover should cause the Secondary_B peer to transition to
  3. Upgrade the Panorama software on the Primary_A (currently passive) peer.
    Perform one of the following tasks on the Primary_A peer:
    After you reboot, the Primary_A peer is initially still in the passive state. Then, if preemption is enabled (default), the Primary_A peer automatically transitions to the active state and the Secondary_B peer reverts to the passive state.
    If you disabled preemption, manually Restore the Primary Panorama to the Active State.
  4. Verify that both peers are now running any newly installed content release versions and the newly installed Panorama release.
    On the
    of each Panorama peer, check the Panorama Software Version and Application Version and confirm that they are the same on both peers and that the running configuration is synchronized.
  5. When you upgrade to a Panorama 8.0 (or later) release, Panorama Log Collectors use a new log storage format. Because Panorama can no longer generate reports or ACC data from logs in the pre-8.0-release log format, you must migrate the existing logs as soon as you upgrade Panorama and its Log Collectors from a PAN-OS 7.1 or earlier release to a PAN-OS 8.0 or later release. Log migration is a one-time task; after you migrate the logs on the Log Collector as part an upgrade to a PAN-OS 8.0 or later release, you do not need to migrate them again.

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