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Panorama, Log Collector, Firewall, and WildFire Version Compatibility

PAN-OS® 8.0 version compatibility for Panorama™, Log Collectors, firewalls, and WildFire®.
For best results, adhere to the following Panorama™ compatibility guidelines:
  • Install the same Panorama release on both the Panorama management server and the Dedicated Log Collectors.
  • Panorama can manage firewalls that are running the same or an earlier PAN-OS® feature release. You must upgrade Panorama to PAN-OS 8.0 before upgrading the firewalls it manages to 8.0.
    Panorama 6.1 and later versions cannot push configurations to firewalls running PAN-OS 6.0.0 through PAN-OS 6.0.3.
  • Panorama 8.0 can manage WildFire® appliances and appliance clusters that are running the same or an earlier PAN-OS 8.0 release.
  • The content release version on the Panorama management server must be the same (or earlier) version as the content release version on any Dedicated Log Collectors or managed firewalls.
    Palo Alto Networks® recommends installing the same Applications database version on Panorama as on the Dedicated Log Collectors and firewalls.
    Regardless whether your subscriptions include the Applications database or Applications and Threats database, Panorama installs only the Applications database. Panorama and Dedicated Log Collectors do not enforce policy rules so they do not need the threat signatures from the Threats database. The Applications database contains threat metadata (such as threat IDs and names) that you use on Panorama and Dedicated Log Collectors when defining policy rules to push to managed firewalls and when interpreting threat information in logs and reports. However, firewalls require the full Applications and Threats database to match the identifiers recorded in logs with the corresponding threat, URL, or application names. Refer to the Release Notes for the minimum content release version required for a Panorama release.

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