End-of-Life (EoL)

Register Panorama and Install Licenses

Before you can begin using Panorama for centralized management, logging, and reporting, you must register, activate, and retrieve the Panorama licenses. Every instance of Panorama requires valid licenses that entitle you to manage firewalls and obtain support. The firewall management license enforces the maximum number of firewalls that Panorama can manage. This license is based on firewall serial numbers, not on the number of virtual systems on each firewall. The support license enables Panorama software updates and dynamic content updates (for the latest Applications and Threats signatures, as an example).
If you want to use the cloud-based Logging Service, you require a Logging Service license, in addition to the firewall management license and premium support license. To purchase licenses, contact your Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer or reseller.
If you are running an evaluation license for firewall management on your Panorama virtual appliance and want to apply a Panorama license that you purchased, perform the tasks Register Panorama and Activate/Retrieve a Firewall Management License on the Panorama Virtual Appliance.

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