End-of-Life (EoL)

Activate/Retrieve a Firewall Management License on the Panorama Virtual Appliance

In order to manage devices on Panorama, you need to activate a firewall management license generated by PAN-OS. The device management license you activate determines the number of devices Panorama can manage. Log Collectors and WildFire appliances are not treated as managed devices and do not count toward the number of devices allotted by the device management license.
Before activating and retrieving a firewall management license on the Panorama virtual appliance, you must Register Panorama. If you are running an evaluation license and want to apply a license that you purchased, you must still register and activate/retrieve the purchased license. Additionally, you must then change the serial number of the Panorama from the evaluation serial number to the production serial number.
  1. Select
    and edit the General Settings.
  2. Enter the Panorama
    Serial Number
    (included in the order fulfillment email) and click
  3. Select
    to activate or retrieve the firewall management license:
    • Retrieve license keys from license server
      —Panorama automatically retrieves and activates the firewall management license from the Panorama Update Server.
    • Activate feature using authorization code
      —Enter the firewall management license authorization code and click
      to activate the license. The authorization code can be obtained from the order fulfillment email or by logging in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support web site by finding the Panorama management server.
    • Manually upload license key
      —Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support web site, find your Panorama management server, and download the firewall management license key to your local device. After you download the license key, click
      Choose File
      to select the license key and click
  4. Verify the firewall management license is activated.
    The Device Management License section now appears displaying the date the license was issued, when the license expires, and a description of the firewall management license.

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