Override a Template Value on the Firewall

Locally override values pushed from a template or template stack configuration on the firewall.
Override a setting on the local firewall that was pushed from a template or template stack to create firewall-specific configurations. This allows you to manage the base template or template stack configuration from Panorama™, while maintaining any firewall-specific configurations that do not apply to other firewalls.
  1. Access the firewall web interface.
    Directly access the firewall by entering its IP address in the URL field of your browser or use the Context drop-down in Panorama to switch to the firewall context.
  2. Override a value pushed from a template or template Stack.
    In this example, you override the DNS server IP address that you assigned using a template in Add a Template
    1. Select DeviceSetupServices and edit the Services section.
    2. Click the template icon ( icon_template_variable.png ) for the Primary DNS Server to enable overrides for that field.
    3. Enter the new IP address for the Primary DNS Server. A template override symbol ( overridden_object.png ) indicates that the template value wasoverridden.
    4. Click OK and Commit your changes.

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