End-of-Life (EoL)

Use Panorama for Visibility

In addition to its central deployment and firewall configuration features, Panorama also allows you to monitor and report on all traffic that traverses your network. While the reporting capabilities on Panorama and the firewall are very similar, the advantage that Panorama provides is that it is a single pane view of aggregated information across all your managed firewalls. This aggregated view provides actionable information on trends in user activity, traffic patterns, and potential threats across your entire network.
Using the Application Command Center (ACC), the App-Scope, the log viewer, and the standard, customizable reporting options on Panorama, you can quickly learn more about the traffic traversing the network. The ability to view this information allows you to evaluate where your current policies are adequate and where they are insufficient. You can then use this data to augment your network security strategy. For example, you can enhance the security rules to increase compliance and accountability for all users across the network, or manage network capacity and minimize risks to assets while meeting the rich application needs for the users in your network.
The following topics provide a high-level view of the reporting capabilities on Panorama, including a couple of use cases to illustrate how you can use these capabilities within your own network infrastructure. For a complete list of the available reports and charts and the description of each, refer to the online help.

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