Configure a Panorama Administrator Account

Administrative accounts specify Administrative Roles and authentication for Panorama administrators. The service that you use to assign roles and perform authentication determines whether you add the accounts on Panorama, on an external server, or both (see Administrative Authentication). For an external authentication service, you must configure an authentication profile before adding an administrative account (see Configure Administrative Accounts and Authentication). If you already configured the authentication profile or you will use the authentication mechanism that is local to Panorama, perform the following steps to add an administrative account on Panorama.
You can’t add an administrator account to a Dedicated Log Collector (M-Series appliance in Log Collector mode). Only the predefined administrator account with the default username (admin) is available on Dedicated Log Collectors.
  1. Select PanoramaAdministrators and Add an account.
  2. Enter a user Name for the administrator.
  3. Select an Authentication Profile or sequence if you configured either for the administrator.
    This is required if Panorama will use Kerberos SSO or an external service for authentication.
    If Panorama will use local authentication, set the Authentication Profile to None and enter a Password and then Confirm Password.
  4. Select the Administrator Type:
    • Dynamic—Select a predefined administrator role.
    • Custom Panorama Admin—Select the Admin Role Profile you created for this administrator (see Configure an Admin Role Profile).
    • Device Group and Template Admin—Map access domains to administrative roles as described in the next step.
  5. (Device Group and Template Admin only) In the Access Domain to Administrator Role section, click Add, select an Access Domain from the drop-down (see Configure an Access Domain), click the adjacent Admin Role cell, and select an Admin Role profile.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.
  7. Select CommitCommit to Panorama and Commit your changes.

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