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Set up a Panorama Virtual Appliance in Panorama Mode

Change the Panorama™ virtual appliance on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, KVM, Hyper-V, ESXi, or vCloud air to Panorama mode.
Panorama mode allows the Panorama™ virtual appliance to operate as a Panorama management server with local log collection capabilities. By default, the Panorama virtual appliance is deployed in Panorama mode when at least one virtual logging disk is attached to a Panorama virtual appliance on Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS GovCloud Azure, Google Cloud Platform, KVM, Hyper-V, ESXi or vCloud Air on initial deployment.
While still supported, switching from Legacy mode with a 50GB logging disk to Panorama mode is not recommended for production environments. If you switch to Panorama mode with a 50GB logging disk, you are unable to add additional logging disks.
  1. Switch to Panorama mode.
    1. Change to Panorama mode:
      request system system-mode panorama
    2. Enter
      to confirm the mode change. The Panorama virtual appliance reboots. If the reboot process terminates your terminal emulation software session, reconnect to the Panorama virtual appliance to see the Panorama login prompt.
      If you see a
      CMS Login
      prompt, this means the Panorama virtual appliance has not finished rebooting. Press Enter at the prompt without typing a username or password.
  2. Verify that the switch to Panorama mode succeeded.
    1. Log back in to the CLI.
    2. Verify that the switch to Panorama mode succeeded:
      show system info | match system-mode
      If the mode change succeeded, the output displays:
      system mode:panorama

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