End-of-Life (EoL)

Manage Licenses on Firewalls Using Panorama

The following steps describe how to retrieve new licenses using an authentication (auth) code and push the license keys to managed firewalls. It also describes how to manually update (refresh) the license status of firewalls that do not have direct internet access. For firewalls that have direct internet access, Panorama™ automatically performs a daily check-in with the licensing server, retrieves license updates and renewals, and pushes them to the firewalls. The check-in is hard-coded to occur between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m.; you cannot change this schedule.
You cannot use Panorama to activate the support license for firewalls. You must access the firewalls individually to activate their support licenses.
To activate licenses for Panorama, see Register Panorama and Install Licenses.
  • Activate newly purchased licenses.
    1. Select
      Device Deployment
    2. Enter the
      Auth Code
      that Palo Alto Networks® provided for each firewall that has a new license.
    3. Activate
      the license.
    4. (
      WildFire® subscriptions only
      ) Perform a commit on each firewall that has a new WildFire subscription to complete the activation:
      • Commit
        any pending changes. You must access each firewall web interface to do this.
      • If no configuration changes are pending, make a minor change and
        . For example, update a rule description and commit the change. If the firewalls belong to the same device group, you can push the rule change from Panorama to initiate a commit on all those firewalls instead of accessing each firewall separately.
      Check that the WildFire Analysis profile rules include the advanced file types that the WildFire subscription supports.
  • Update the license status of firewalls.
    1. Select
      Device Deployment
      Each entry on the page indicates whether the license is active or inactive and displays the expiration date for active licenses.
    2. If you previously activated auth codes for the support subscription directly on the firewalls, click
      and select the firewalls from the list. Panorama retrieves the license, deploys it to the firewalls, and updates the licensing status on the Panorama web interface.

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