End-of-Life (EoL)

Panorama Plugins

Panorama supports an extensible plugin architecture.
The Panorama extensible plugin architecture enables support for third-party integration plugins, such as VMware NSX, and other Palo Alto Networks products, such as the GlobalProtect cloud service. With this modular architecture, you can take advantage of new capabilities without waiting for a new PAN-OS version.
You can also configure the VM-Series plugin from Panorama. The VM-Series plugin is a single plugin that enables integration with public cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, AWS and private cloud hypervisors such as KVM, ESXi and others. The VM-Series plugin enables you to publish metrics from VM-Series firewalls deployed in public clouds. You can use Panorama to configure the VM-Series plugin settings for public clouds and push your configuration to your managed firewalls.
For plugin installations required on both Panorama and managed firewalls, the plugin version installed on Panorama must be equal to or higher than the plugin version installed on managed firewalls.

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