Activate/Retrieve a Firewall Management License when the Panorama Virtual Appliance is not Internet-connected

How to activate the firewall management license when the Panorama virtual appliance is not Internet connected.
Before activating and retrieving a firewall management license on the Panorama virtual appliance, you must Register Panorama. In order to manage devices on Panorama, you will need to activate a device management license. The device management license you activate will determine the number of devices Panorama can manage. Log Collectors and WildFire appliances are not treated as managed devices and will not count toward the number of devices allotted by the device management license. If you are running an evaluation license and want to apply a license that you purchased, you must still register and activate/retrieve the purchased license.
After upgrading to PAN-OS 8.1, you will be prompted to retrieve a valid Panorama management license when you first log in to the Panorama web interface when Panorama has finished rebooting. To activate or retrieve the valid management license if the Panorama virtual appliance is offline or unable to reach the Palo Alto Networks update server, you must get the relevant appliance information for the Panorama virtual appliance and upload it to the Customer Support web site.
  1. Log in to the Panorama Web Interface.
  2. (Initial Deployment only) Enter the Panorama Serial Number.
    1. Select PanoramaSetupManagement and edit the General Settings.
    2. Enter the Panorama Serial Number (included in the order fulfillment email) and click OK.
    3. Select CommitCommit to Panorama and Commit your changes.
  3. Upload the Panorama virtual appliance information to the Customer Support website.
    1. On the Retrieve Management License dialogue, click the here link to gather the UUID, CPUID, Panorama Version and Virtual Platform information. Click Download Link to download a CSV file of the required Panorama information that can be uploaded to the Customer Support Portal.
      On initial deployment, may need to log out and back in to the web interface to see the dialogue.
    2. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support web site.
    3. Click Get Support in the upper right-hand corner.
    4. Select AssetsDevices, find your Panorama virtual appliance and in the Action column, click the edit icon ( icon_edit_license.png ).
    5. Select Is the Panorama Offline? and enter the Panorama information gathered in Step 2, or click Select files... to upload the downloaded CSV file.
    6. Agree and Submit the EULA.
  4. Install the device management license.
    1. In the Actions column, download the device management license.
    2. In the Panorama web interface, click PanoramaLicenses and Manually upload license key.
    3. Click Choose file, locate the downloaded device management license key and click OK.
  5. Confirm that the device management license was successfully uploaded by verify that the Device Management License displays with the license information.

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