Mount the Panorama ESXi Server to an NFS Datastore

When the Panorama virtual appliance in Legacy mode runs on an ESXi server, mounting to a Network File System (NFS) datastore enables logging to a centralized location and expanding the log storage capacity beyond what a virtual disk supports. (ESXi 5.5 and later versions can support a virtual disk of up to 8TB. Earlier ESXi versions support a virtual disk of up to 2TB.) Before setting up an NFS datastore in a Panorama high availability (HA) configuration, see Logging Considerations in Panorama HA.
The Panorama virtual appliance in Panorama mode does not support NFS.
  1. Select PanoramaSetupOperations and, in the Miscellaneous section, click Storage Partition Setup.
  2. Set the Storage Partition type to NFS V3.
  3. Enter the IP address of the NFS Server.
  4. Enter the Log Directory path for storing the log files. For example, export/panorama.
  5. For the Protocol, select TCP or UDP, and enter the Port for accessing the NFS server.
    To use NFS over TCP, the NFS server must support it. Common NFS ports are UDP/TCP 111 for RPC and UDP/TCP 2049 for NFS.
  6. For optimal NFS performance, in the Read Size and Write Size fields, specify the maximum size of the chunks of data that the client and server pass back and forth to each other. Defining a read/write size optimizes the data volume and speed in transferring data between Panorama and the NFS datastore.
  7. (Optional) Select Copy On Setup to copy the existing logs stored on Panorama to the NFS volume. If Panorama has a lot of logs, this option might initiate the transfer of a large volume of data.
  8. Click Test Logging Partition to verify that Panorama can access the NFS Server and Log Directory.
  9. Click OK to save your changes.
  10. Select CommitCommit to Panorama and Commit your changes. Until you reboot, the Panorama virtual appliance writes logs to the local storage disk.
  11. Select PanoramaSetupOperations and select Reboot Panorama in the Device Operations section. After rebooting, Panorama starts writing logs to the NFS datastore.

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