End-of-Life (EoL)

Troubleshoot Connectivity to Network Resources

Test the running firewall configuration for connectivity to important network resources.
Perform connectivity tests for managed firewalls to ensure that your managed devices can connect to all appropriate network resources. Test the device configuration for your managed devices to ensure the running configuration appropriately secures your network by allowing you to verify that the configurations pushed to your managed devices still allow those devices to connect to resources such as your Log Collectors, configured External Dynamic Lists, and the Palo Alto Networks Update Server. Additionally, you can execute routing, WildFire®, Threat Vault, ping, and traceroute connectivity tests to verify that Panorama™ and managed devices can access any external network resources critical to the operation and security of your network. After the results are generated, you can
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for auditing purposes.
The Ping connectivity test is only supported for firewalls running PAN-OS 9.0 (or later release).
  1. Select
    Managed Devices
    to perform a connectivity test.
    You may also run a policy match test from the
  2. Enter the required information to perform the connectivity test. In this example, a Log Collector Connectivity test is run.
    1. Select
      Log Collector Connectivity
      from the
      Select Test
    2. Select device/VSYS
      and select the managed firewalls to test.
    3. If necessary, enter any additional information relevant for your connectivity testing.
  3. Execute
    the Log Collector connectivity test.
  4. Select the log collector connectivity Results to review the Log Collector connectivity status for the selected devices.

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