Resolve Zero Log Storage for a Collector Group

The log storage capacity for the Collector Group might display as 0MB if the disk pairs are not enabled for logging in the Log Collectors. To enable the disk pairs, perform the following steps for each Log Collector in the Collector Group.
  1. Add the RAID disk pairs.
    1. Select PanoramaManaged Collectors and click the Collector Name.
    2. Select Disks, Add each RAID disk pair, and click OK.
  2. Commit the changes to Panorama and push the changes to the Collector Group.
    1. Select CommitCommit and Push and Edit Selections in the Push Scope.
    2. Select Collector Groups, select the Collector Group you modified, and click OK.
    3. Commit and Push your changes.
  3.  Verify the state of the Log Collectors and disk pairs.
    1. Select PanoramaManaged Collectors and verify that the configuration of each Log Collector is synchronized with Panorama.
      The Configuration Status column should display In Sync and the Run Time Status column should display connected.
    2. Click Statistics in the last column for each Log Collector and verify that the disk pairs are Enabled and Available.

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