Manage Panorama Storage for Software and Content Updates

You can Install Content and Software Updates for Panorama and Deploy Updates to Firewalls, Log Collectors and WildFire Appliances Using Panorama. You cannot configure the amount of space available on Panorama to store updates. When the alloted storage capacity reaches 90%, Panorama alerts you to free up space (delete stored updates) for new downloads or uploads. The maximum number of updates is a global setting that applies to all the updates that Panorama stores. You must access the CLI to configure this setting. The default value is two updates of each type.
  • Modify the maximum number of updates of each type.
    Access the Panorama CLI and enter the following, where <number> can be between 2 and 64:
    > set max-num-images count <number>
  • View the number of updates that Panorama currently stores.
    > show max-num-images
  • Use the web interface to delete updates to free up space on Panorama.
    1. Select the type of update to delete:
      • Firewall or Log Collector updates:
        PAN-OS/Panorama software images—Select PanoramaDevice DeploymentSoftware.
        GlobalProtect™ agent/app software updates—Select PanoramaDevice DeploymentGlobalProtect Client.
        Content updates—Select PanoramaDevice DeploymentDynamic Updates.
      • Panorama software images—Select PanoramaSoftware.
      • Panorama content updates—Select PanoramaDynamic Updates.
    2. Click the X icon in the far right column for the image or update.
  • Use the CLI to delete updates to free up space on Panorama.
    Delete software images by version:
    > delete software version <version_number>
    Delete content updates:
    > delete content update <filename>

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