About ZTP

The Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) plugin simplifies and automated the on-boarding of new managed firewalls.
Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is designed to simplify and automate the on-boarding of new firewalls to the Panorama™ management server. ZTP streamlines the initial firewall deployment process by allowing network administrators to ship managed firewalls directly to their branches and automatically add the firewall to the Panorama™ management server after the ZTP firewall successfully connects to the Palo Alto Networks ZTP service. This allows businesses to save on time and resources when deploying new firewalls at branch locations by removing the need for IT administrators to manually provision the new managed firewall. After successful on-boarding, Panorama provides the means to configure and manage your ZTP configuration and firewalls.
Review and subscribe to ZTP Service Status events to be notified about scheduled maintenance windows, outages, and workarounds.
ZTP is supported on the following ZTP firewalls running PAN-OS 9.1.4 and later releases:
  • PA-220-ZTP and PA-220R-ZTP
  • PA-820-ZTP and PA-850-ZTP
  • PA-3220-ZTP, PA-3250-ZTP, and PA-3260-ZTP

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