Register Panorama

  1. Record the Panorama serial number or auth-code and record your Sales Order Number or Customer ID.
    For the auth-code, Sales Order Number, or Customer ID, see the order fulfillment email that Palo Alto Networks Customer Service sent when you placed your order for Panorama.
    For the serial number, the location depends on the model:
    • M-Series appliance—Log in to the Panorama web interface and record the
      Serial #
      value in the
      tab, General Information section.
    • Panorama virtual appliance—See the order fulfillment email or refer to the serial number generated when provisioning Panorama using VM Flex licensing.
      The Panorama virtual appliance is automatically registered when you allocate a serial number using VM Flex licensing.
  2. Register Panorama. The steps depend on whether you already have a login for the Support site.
    • If this is the first Palo Alto Networks appliance you are registering and you don’t yet have a login:
      1. Click
        at the bottom of the page (
        Get Help
        ), enter your
        Email Address
        , enter the code displayed on the page, and click
      2. Complete the fields in the
        Create Contact Details
      3. Enter a
        Display Name
        Confirm Email Address
        , and
        Password/Confirm Password
      4. Enter the Panorama
        Device Serial Number
        Auth Code
      5. Enter your
        Sales Order Number
        Customer ID
      6. Click
    • If you already have a support account:
      1. Click
        Register New Device
      2. Select
        Register device using Serial Number or Authorization Code
        , and click
      3. If the Panorama management server is not internet-connected, check
        Device will be used offline
        and select the
        OS Release
      4. Enter the Panorama
        Serial Number
      5. Enter the required Location Information (as indicated by the asterisks) if you have purchased the 4 hour RMA.
      6. Agree and Submit
        the EULA.
        After you see the registration complete message, close the Device Registration dialog.

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