Push the Panorama Node Configuration to Managed Firewalls

Push template stack and device group configuration from the Panorama™ Node to managed devices.
Once you Synchronize the Panorama Node with the Panorama Controller, template stack and device group configurations, push the template stack and device group configuration to the managed devices.
  1. Log in to the Panorama web interface of the Panorama Controller.
  2. Select
  3. Push to Devices
    to push the synchronized configuration from the Panorama Nodes to the managed devices.
  4. Add
    the Panorama Node managing the devices to push the configuration to. Repeat this step to push to multiple Panorama Nodes, devices groups, or templates as needed:
    1. Select the
    2. Select the
      Device Group
      to push both the device group and template stack configurations, or select a
      Template Stack
      to only push the template stack configuration.
    3. Click
      to finish defining the push scope.
  5. Click
    to push the configuration to managed devices.
  6. In the Device Group Push Status column, and the Template Stack Push Status column, verify that the pushes are

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