Push the Common Panorama Configuration to Panorama Nodes

Push the Panorama™ configuration from the Panorama Controller to Panorama Nodes.
Push the common configuration of the Panorama™ Controller to the Panorama Node to apply any Panorama-specific configurations to the Panorama Nodes. To synchronize the template stack and device group configuration to push them to managed devices, see Synchronize the Panorama Node with the Panorama Controller.
  1. Log in to the Panorama web interface of the Panorama Controller.
  2. Select
    Panorama Nodes
    and select one or more Panorama Nodes.
  3. Push Common Config
    to push the Panorama-specific configurations to the Panorama Nodes.
    The Common Config Sync status displays
    after you successfully push the common Panorama configuration to the Panorama Node.

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