Panorama Interconnect Plugin

To simplify the configuration management of multiple Panorama™ management servers, Palo Alto Networks® introduces the Panorama Interconnect plugin. This plugin is available to both M-Series appliances and Panorama virtual appliances running PAN-OS 8.1.3 and later releases.
Panorama Interconnect plugin
—A plugin that allows you to manage the configurations on multiple Panorama management servers that have similar configurations to minimize the operational burden of configuring and managing large-scale firewall deployments. With this plugin, you can manage the configurations of many
Panorama Nodes
from a single
Panorama Controller
and push all configuration changes to managed firewalls and appliance from a single location. The Panorama Interconnect plugin supports the following capabilities:
  • Configuration Management
    —You can manage and push the managed firewall device group, template stack, and Panorama-specific configurations from the Panorama Controller to Panorama Nodes.
  • Device Management
    —You can add a single firewall or you can bulk import multiple firewalls to the Panorama Nodes managed by the Panorama Controller.
  • Push Configurations to Devices
    —You can push the configuration to some or all managed devices by device group or by template stack, either across Panorama Nodes or to one Panorama Node at a time.
For more information about the Panorama Interconnect plugin, see Panorama Administrator’s Guide.
Review important information about new features, open issues and workarounds, and issues that are addressed in each version of the Panorama Interconnect plugin.

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