What’s New in the Panorama Plugin for Azure 3.0.0

You can now use Panorama to orchestrate your VM-Series firewall deployment on Mircrosoft Azure; this allows you to easily deploy, manage, scale, and monitor your VM-Series firewalls using a single workflow. This workflow allows you to easily deploy the VM-Series firewalls in your Azure VNets. Additionally, the plugin deploys and configures the necessary Azure components such as Azure standard load balancers (ILB), subnets, NAT gateways, Visual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS), and public IP address objects. The Panorama plugin for Azure automatically populates the required Azure and VM-Series firewall configuration necessary to secure newly deployed applications on the peered VNets. The plugin links to your Azure ARM and Azure Monitor portal to provide visibility into your deployment status, usage, and performance.
See Setup the VM-Series Firewall on Azure for more information. The Panorama plugin for Azure 3.0.0 requires Panorama 10.0.1 or later and VM-Series plugin 2.0.1 or later.

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