Features Introduced in SD-WAN Plugin 2.2

Features introduced in SD-WAN Plugin 2.2 releases.
Our SD-WAN subscription integrates with PAN-OS to provide intelligent, dynamic path selection on top of the industry leading security that PAN-OS software already delivers. Secure SD-WAN provides the optimal end-user experience by leveraging multiple ISP links to ensure application performance and scale capacity. See Upgrade/Downgrade Considerations and Upgrade the SD-WAN Plugin in the PAN-OS Upgrade Guide 10.1.
The SD-WAN Administrator’s Guide 2.2 provides information about how to use the SD-WAN plugin features in this release.

What’s New in SD-WAN Plugin 2.2.0

Key features introduced with the SD-WAN plugin 2.2.0 release:
New SD-WAN Feature
Prisma Access Hub Support
As more internet services move to the cloud, PAN-OS Secure SD-WAN now offers security in the cloud using Prisma Access, in addition to security on-premises using PAN-OS firewalls. The SD-WAN hub-and-spoke topology now supports a Prisma Access hub. You can secure your internet traffic for specific applications at the branch location or in the cloud with Prisma Access and have this traffic fail over to any other VPN tunnel if necessary.
This feature is available for early evaluation and will go live in January, 2022. Until then, ask your sale representative to request a manual upgrade of your Prisma Access IPSec Termination Nodes to run PAN-OS 10.0.7, so you can participate in the early evaluation and onboard a branch office to the Prisma Access Hub.

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