Known Issues in SD-WAN Plugin 2.2

List of known issues in SD-WAN 2.2 release.
The following list includes all known issues that impact an SD-WAN 2.2 release. This list includes both outstanding issues and issues that are addressed, as well as known issues that apply more generally or that are not identified by a specific issue ID. Refer to PAN-OS Release Notes for additional known issues affecting SD-WAN Plugin 2.2.


When you use SD-WAN Plugin 2.2 to onboard PAN-OS firewalls to Prisma Access, one of the first steps on Panorama is to specify the BGP Prisma Address Pool. If you subsequently change the BGP Prisma Address Pool, the change is not reflected on the Prisma Access firewall.


The SD-WAN plugin fails to display any of the monitoring for a site and cluster with a space in the name.
Remove the space from the name and


When you try to view network QoS statistics on an SD-WAN branch or hub, the QoS statistics and the hit count for the QoS rules don’t display. A workaround exists for this issue. Please contact Support for information about the workaround.

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