Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 1.0.0

The VMWare NSX integration is the first Panorama plugin developed using the new plugin architecture introduced in PAN-OS 8.0. Version 1.0.0 of this plugin introduces the following new features:
  • Modularizes the interactions between Panorama and the NSX Manager, and Panorama and the VM-Series firewalls. This flexible framework makes it possible to support the joint solution independentof PAN-OS software release cycle.
  • Introduces a new workflow that consolidates security configuration on Panorama, and decouples the need for continuous interaction between security and virtualization administrators. Panorama now provides NSX Manager with the contextual information required to secure traffic from guest virtual machines in SDDC environments. Dynamic address groups on Panorama map to security groups on NSX Manager, zones map to service profiles, and security policy rules map to steering rules.
  • Adds support for new VM-Series models to meet the capacity and performance needs in the SDDC environment. The VM–100, VM-300, and VM-500 models are supported in addition to the VM-1000-HV.
  • Supports automatic PAN-OS upgrades for the VM-Series firewalls deployed using the PAN-OS 8.0 ovf.
  • Automatically deactivate perpetual licenses, subscriptions, and support licenses on the VM Series firewalls when you delete the Palo Alto Networks Service Deployment on NSX Manager.
    You must install the deactivation API key on Panorama to enable license deactivation.
If you are configuring the VM-Series firewall for VMware NSX for the first time, install the Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX; for more information, refer to the VM-Series 8.0 Deployment Guide.

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