Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 2.0.0

The Panorama plugin for VMware NSX 2.0.0 introduces support for multiple NSX Managers. This version of the plugin allows you to manage up to 16 NSX Managers using a single Panorama server instead of one Panorama server per NSX Manager. You can now configure and manage multiple NSX Managers in a single location, eliminating the need to replicate common configuration many times on multiple Panorama servers.
If you are configuring the NSX VM-Series integration for the first time, install the Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX.
If you already have plugin version 1.0.x, installing the new version of the plugin will overwrite the previously installed version. After installing version 2.0.0, perform a manual sync (use
NSX Config-Sync
) to synchronize the service definitions configured on Panorama with the NSX Manager.
For more information on the VM-Series firewall for VMware NSX, refer to the VM-Series 8.0 Deployment Guide.

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