Addressed Issues in Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 2.0.2

The following list describes issues addressed in the Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 2.0.2.


Fixed an issue where the service manager status continuously switched from registered to out of sync.


Fixed an issue that did not delete service manager configuration from the NSX Manager when the service manager was successfully deleted from Panorama.


Fixed an issue where the service manager status goes Out of Sync upon upgrading Panorama to 8.1.0.


Fixed an issue where IP addresses for security groups in NSX Manager fell out of sync with those in Panorama.


Fixed an issue that prevented the NSX plugin from correctly handling non-ASCII characters in updates received from NSX Manager. This caused the deletion of dynamic address group objects containing non-ASCII characters after performing a manual config sync.


Fixed an issue where, after disabling the connection between the Secondary HA Panorama and the NSX Manager, the Primary HA Panorama disables the connection with NSX Manager as well.


Panorama now uses TLSv1.2 when communicating with NSX Manager.

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