What’s New in Panorama Plugin for VMware NSX 4.0.0

The Panorama plugin for VMware NSX 4.0.0 introduces the security-centric deployment procedure for the VM-Series firewall on VMware NSX-T (East-West). You can use the security-centric workflow to control and manage your VM-Series firewall for NSX-T from Panorama. You do not need to access NSX-T Manager to create service chains and steering rules (called Network Introspection Policies and Rules on NSX-T); however, the service deployment must still be created on NSX-T Manager. This workflow provides security administrators a single pane of glass to configure the network security in their NSX-T environment.
The Panorama plugin for VMware NSX logs have been moved starting with plugin 4.0.0. The logs have been moved from
mp-log plugin_vmware_nsx.log
plugins-log plugin_vmware_nsx.log
. Likewise for

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