What’s New in VM-Series Plugin 2.0.2

VM-Series plugin version 2.0.2 introduces two new features:
  • Shared storage on AWS, Azure, and GCP
    —In previous versions each a storage bucket could contain only one bootstrap package, and you identified the package with the bucket name. VM-Series plugin now supports subdirectories/folders within your cloud storage, enabling you to store multiple bootstrap packages in a single bucket. From the user interface and the CLI, you can use a path to identify your bootstrap package. For example:
  • Secure bootstrap on AWS
    —As an alternative to creating a bootstrap package and an init-cfg.txt file to provide bootstrap configuration parameters, you can use the AWS Secrets Manager to store your basic configuration as a secret. You can then use user data to bootstrap a VM with your secret.
    The secret creator must have full Secrets Manager administrator permissions. A secret user must be assigned an IAM role that grants permission to get the secret.
    At the time you deploy the firewall, enter the name of the secret as a user data key-value pair. For example:

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