What’s New in VM-Series Plugin 2.0.3

The VM-Series plugin 2.0.3 introduces the following features. Each of these new features requires PAN-OS 10.0.3 or later.

PAYG License Support for the VM-Series on OCI

You can now deploy the VM-Series firewall from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace with a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) license. The allows you to deploy a VM-300, VM-500, or VM-700 VM-Series firewall with Bundle 1 or Bundle 2. Additionally, you can bootstrap the VM-Series firewall using a PAYG in the same way you can bootstrap with a BOYL license.

VM-Series on Alibaba Cloud

This VM-Series Plugin release includes integration support for the VM-Series firewall in Alibaba Cloud. To secure North-South traffic to and from an Alibaba VPC, use the latest VM-Series firewall image from the Alibaba Marketplace and deploy the firewall as an Elastic Compute service instance. When you configure the instance, you can enter basic bootstrap configuration information as user data. The deployed firewall supports one NIC, typically for the management interface. To support the Untrust and Trust interfaces you must create and attach two additional elastic network interfaces (ENIs) and reboot the firewall to activate them.

Custom VM-Series Image for Microsoft Azure

You can create a custom VM-Series firewall image for later use in your Azure deployment. A custom image gives you the flexibility and consistency to deploy the VM-Series firewall with the PAN-OS version you want to use instead of being restricted to using only an image available though the Azure marketplace. Additionally, your custom image can include the latest content and antivirus updates.

VM-Series HA Across AWS Availability Zones

You can now deploy the active and passive firewall peers in different AWS availability zones (AZ) and enable HA without assigning a secondary IP address to the VM-Series interfaces. However, you can continue to use the secondary IP mode settings. This configuration provides limited HA functionality. It moves the primary public IP addresses assigned to the VM-Series firewall interfaces and changes the route tables to point to the active instance during failover. And this cross-AZ HA enables configuration synchronization but does not facilitate session synchronization.
Palo Alto Networks recommends that you use the new VM-Series Integration with AWS Gateway Load Balancer for faster failover.

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