What’s New in VM-Series Plugin 2.1.1

VM-Series plugin 2.1.1 introduces the following new features.

NUMA Performance Optimization

To improve performance of your VM-Series firewalls, you can enable non-uniform memory access (NUMA) performance optimization. When NUMA performance optimization is enabled, the VM-Series firewall dataplane uses vCPUs belonging to NUMA node 0 only. The VM-Series management plane uses core 0 and the remaining vCPUs on NUMA node 0 can be used by the VM-Series dataplane. NUMA performance optimization is disabled by default in PAN-OS 10.1.
This feature requires PAN-OS 10.1.0 and later in addition to VM-Series plugin 2.1.1.

Six Core Support for Intelligent Traffic Offload

Beginning with PAN-OS 10.1.1 and VM-Series plugin 2.1.1, you can now enable Intelligent Traffic Offload with a deployment profile that includes six or more cores.

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