Prisma Access Addressed Issues

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
  • Minimum Required Prisma Access Version
    4.0 Preferred
The following topics describe issues that have been addressed in Prisma Access 4.0.

Prisma Access 4.0.0-h23 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
Fixed an issue where, when setting up traffic replication, an error was received if the
field was longer than 31 characters.
Fixed an issue where ADEM could not be enabled at a remote network compute location, even though the ADEM-AIOPS license was enabled.

Prisma Access 4.0.0-h20 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
Fixed an issue where the ADEM-AIOPS SKU did not display in the multi-tenant web interface.
Fixed an issue where the maximum number of IKE peers per IPSec termination node was not enforced using a validation check.
Fixed an issue where the Cloud Services Plugin was not able to send dynamic updates requests using nsupdate to the external DNS server.

Prisma Access 4.0.0-h8 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
Fixed an issue where when exporting CSV data for all active mobile users, data for only 9000 users was exported instead of for all users.
Fixed an issue where Clientless VPN was getting enabled every time the cloud configuration was updated, causing commit to fail.
Fixed an issue where, when downloading current mobile user information from locations in the Japan Central compute location, the downloaded CSV information differed from the results obtained in the UI.

Prisma Access 4.0 Addressed Issues

Issue ID
Fixed an issue where the
SSH Management Profiles Settings
tab was missing from templates.
Fixed an issue where the GlobalProtect App Log certificate was not getting renewed in Panorama.
Fixed an issue where commit was failing when Clientless VPN and multiple portals were both enabled.
Fixed an issue where, after enabling
X-Authenticated-User (XAU) header on incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests for Identity
, the
checkbox was deselected.
Fixed an issue where a commit on a new Panorama appliance with Explicit Proxy configuration failed with a 'missing users' error.
Fixed an issue where, if the user onboarded mobile users locations and did not choose any locations to be selected on the
Manual Gateway Locations
tab, subsequent local commits on the Panorama appliance were failing with the
'Failed to find any locations in path: cloud_services/mobile-users/onboarding/entry/manual-gateway/region/entry/locations/memberregions validation for manual-gateway failed for Mobile Users.Failed plugin validation'
Fixed an issue where the Peer IP Address did not display in a multitenant deployment.
Fixed an issue where an extra SAML IdP configuration was added to the Mobile User Gateway configuration, causing the commit to fail with the error
'interface '-' is not a valid reference'
Fixed an issue where modifying the Mobile User GlobalProtect gateway configuration to use a SAML IdP authentication profile and clicking okay caused an extra configuration to be added to Panorama, which also caused commit to fail with an error
interface '-' is not a valid reference'
Fixed an issue where the GlobalProtect App Log cert was not getting saved when Panorama was in FIPS-CC mode.

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