Enterprise DLP on Prisma Access

Learn about DLP on Prisma Access.
Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and processes that allow you to protect sensitive information against unauthorized access, misuse, extraction, or sharing. DLP on Prisma Access enables you to use Prisma Access to enforce your organization’s data security standards and prevent the loss of sensitive data across mobile users and remote networks.
DLP on Prisma Access, also known as
Enterprise DLP
, is a cloud-based service that uses supervised machine learning algorithms to sort sensitive documents into Financial, Legal, Healthcare, and other categories for document classification to guard against exposures, data loss and data exfiltration. These patterns can identify the sensitive information in your cloud apps and protect them from exposure.
While Enterprise DLP resembles the Data Filtering implementation that you use with next-generation firewalls or with Panorama appliances, be sure to follow the steps in this document to implement DLP with Prisma Access; the configuration tasks are different.
DLP is an add-on license on Prisma Access. You can either start with a 60-day trial or purchase a license to use Enterprise DLP on Prisma Access.

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