Changes to Default Behavior

The following chapter details the changes in default behavior after you upgrade to the Cloud Services plugin version 2.0 Preferred.
Dataplane Upgrade Process for Existing Customers Using Prisma Access
Dataplane Upgrade Process for Existing Customers Using Prisma Access
—The Cloud Services plugin 2.0 Preferred requires a dataplane upgrade to for your existing locations. If you upgrade to Cloud Services plugin 2.0 Preferred, your dataplane is upgraded to 9.1.7.
You must use the Prisma Access app to receive dataplane upgrade notifications. After Prisma Access informs you that the upgrade is available, you will use Insights to select a from a list of time windows for the upgrade and the locations you want to upgrade first.
Palo Alto Networks also uses the Insights functionality in the Prisma Access app to inform you when all locations have been upgraded and when the Cloud Services 2.0 Innovation plugin is available; you can then download and upgrade the plugin to activate Prisma Access 2.0 capabilities. See Prisma Access Release and Infrastructure Updates for more details about the upgrade process using Prisma Access.
Changes to Service Connection Logging
When a traffic flow originates at a data center or headquarters location, and the flow passes from a service connection to a remote network connection, mobile user location, or another service connection, Prisma Access replaces the app-id in the logs with the default app name of

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