Upgrade the Cloud Services Plugin

After reviewing the Prisma Access Known Issues, use the following procedure to upgrade the Cloud Services plugin.
Prisma Access does not support FIPS-CC mode.
If this is the first time you are installing the plugin, refer to License and Install the Prisma Access Components for instructions.
Prisma Access uses the Cloud Services plugin in Panorama to activate its functionality.
Before you upgrade the plugin, remove any non-Prisma Access templates from Prisma Access template stacks to avoid commit validation errors after upgrade and make sure that the Panorama that manages Prisma Access is running a supported PAN-OS version.
For a list of the Panorama software versions that are supported with Prisma Access, see Minimum Required Panorama Software Versions in the Palo Alto Networks Compatibility Matrix.
Use one of the following tasks to download and install the Cloud Services plugin.
  1. Download and install the Cloud Services plugin.
    • To download and install the Cloud Services plugin by downloading it from the Customer Support Portal, complete the following steps.
      1. Log in to the Customer Support Portal and select
        Software Updates
      2. Find the Cloud Services plugin in the Panorama Integration Plug In section and download it.
        Do not rename the plugin file or you will not be able to install it on Panorama.
      3. Log in to the Panorama Web Interface of the Panorama you licensed for use with the Prisma Access, select
        for the plugin
        that you downloaded from the CSP.
      4. Install
        the plugin.
    • To download and install the new version of the Cloud Services plugin directly from Panorama, complete the following steps:
      1. Select
        and click
        Check Now
        to display the latest Cloud Services plugin updates.
      2. Download
        the plugin version you want to install.
      3. After downloading the plugin,
  2. Commit your changes locally to make them active in Panorama.
    1. Click
      Commit to Panorama
    2. Make sure that all device groups, templates, and template stacks are part of the
      Commit Scope
    3. Click
      to save your changes to the Push Scope.
    4. Commit
      your changes.

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