Use IoT Security with Prisma Access

Integrate IoT Security with your Prisma Access deployment.
IoT Security is an on-demand cloud subscription service designed to discover and protect the growing number of connected “things” on your network. Unlike IT devices such as laptop computers that perform a wide variety of tasks, IoT devices tend to be purpose-built with a narrowly defined set of functions. As a result, IoT devices generate unique, identifiable patterns of network behavior. Using machine learning and AI, IoT Security recognizes these behaviors and identifies every device on the network, creating a rich, context-aware inventory that’s dynamically maintained and always up to date.
After it identifies a device and establishes a baseline of its normal network activities, it continues monitoring its network activity so it can detect any unusual behavior indicative of an attack or breach. If it detects such behavior, IoT Security notifies administrators through security alerts in the IoT Security portal and, depending on each administrator’s notification settings, through email and SMS notifications.
You get the same benefits from integrating IoT Security with Prisma Access as you do from integrating it with next-generation firewalls. IoT is available as an add-on; after you purchase the add-on, you activate your product during Prisma Access installation.
For an overview of the IoT integration with Prisma Access and the steps you take to configure it, see the following sections in the IoT Security Administrator’s Guide.

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