Set a Higher Gateway Priority for an On-Premises Gateway

In situations where you want to direct mobile users to use an on-premises gateway instead of the Prisma Access gateways, specify the on-premises gateways with a source region and a higher priority than the Prisma Access gateway.
The following figure shows a sample configuration for mobile users in Indonesia. To avoid the possibility of mobile users being connected to the nearest Prisma Access gateway in Singapore, you set the gateway priority to
for the on-premises gateway in Indonesia and set the priority to
for the Prisma Access gateways.
This example also specifies a source region of Indonesia for the on-premises gateway. We recommend specifying a source region for the following reasons:
  • Specifying a source region for an on-premises gateway allows users in a region to access that gateway and prevents users outside of that region from connecting to that gateway. In this example, only mobile users in Indonesia can connect to the on-premises gateway with the source region of Indonesia, and the higher priority means that the on-premise gateway has priority over the Prisma Access gateways.
  • If you set a source region of
    for the on-premises gateway in Indonesia, every mobile user in your organization would prefer the on-premises gateway in Indonesia, because of its higher priority and worldwide accessibility. This configuration means that mobile users might never connect to the Prisma Access gateways.

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