Set Equal Gateway Priorities for On-Premises and Prisma Access Gateways

To enable secure access for your mobile workforce no matter where they are located, you can set equal priorities for the on-premises GlobalProtect gateways and the Prisma Access gateways. The GlobalProtect app uses Gateway Priority in a Multiple Gateway Configuration to determine the preferred gateway.
You can use this configuration if your mobile users are most often closer to an on-premises gateway. When users change locations, the GlobalProtect app chooses another gateway (either on-premises or Prisma Access gateway) based on the highest priority and lowest response time.
The following figure shows a sample configuration with two mobile users in North America. You set the gateway priority to
for both the Prisma Access gateways and the on-premises gateways.
In this example, User 1’s GlobalProtect app determines that the Prisma Access gateway has a lower response time than the on-premises gateway, and user 2’s GlobalProtect app determines that the on-premises gateway has a lower response time. Since all gateways have the same priority, User 1 connects to the Prisma Access gateway and User 2 connects to the on-premises gateway, based on the lower response time.

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