Set Higher Priorities for Multiple On-Premises Gateways

To ensure that traffic to the internet stays in language-specific regions, you can configure multiple gateways in multiple source regions, setting the priority of the on-premise gateways to
and the priority of the Prisma Access gateways to
The following figure shows a sample configuration for mobile users in Scandinavia. Using this configuration, when the mobile users access internet websites, the websites use the character encoding set that is specific to their languages.
In this example, you configure on-premises gateways with source regions in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. You set the priority of those gateways to
and set the priority of the Prisma Access gateways to
. Specifying a source region for the on-premises gateways allows users in those regions to access those gateways, and prevents users outside of those regions from connecting to those gateways.
In this example, the GlobalProtect app for mobile users in Sweden selects the on-premises gateway in Sweden because of the source region and higher gateway priority.

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