Troubleshoot Routing and EDLs (Cloud Management)

How to troubleshoot external dynamic lists (EDLs) or routing for service connection and remote network sites (Prisma Access Cloud Management).

Troubleshoot EDLs

Get the status and latest details for the External Dynamic Lists (EDLs) that you’re using with Prisma Access, and:
  • search across EDLs to see if they include a specific IP address, subnet, or URL
  • Force an EDL to refresh
To get started, go to
External Dynamic Lists
, set the scope to
Remote Networks
Mobile Users - GlobalProtect
, and check the
EDL Status
Troubleshooting is available only for custom EDLs and not for predefined, built-in EDLs.

Troubleshoot Site Connections

For troubleshooting purposes, you can now view the routing table for a remote network site or service connection site. Find the
Routing Information
button on the remote networks or service connection dashboard.

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